Sunday, June 12, 2011

In the Summer

 Summer is here! The weather has been super nice this week here in provo and every day after I get off work I just head outside for a run, bike ride, or any adventure (go carts, miniture golf, abandoned treehouses, splash parks, play grounds, baseball games and more) to try and soak up as much sun as possible! One of these is growing this little garden with my friend Landon, I don't know if Summer could be complete for me with out a garden or with out some bloody knees and legs from biking! ha ha

We planted Pumpkins, Cantaloupe, corn, strawberries, tomatoes, cilantro, basil, and rosemary, it is so amazing to me that you stick such seemingly lifeless things as pumpkin seeds into dirt and a few days later, plants start growing and then a few months later you have huge orange pumpkins to carve and make pies with! What a miracle!
And just in case you are wondering I just crashed my bike trying to jump a little dirt pile...guess I need to work on my jumping skills!

Cassies Baptism!

Last weekend I went up to Rexburg for Cassie's Baptism it was a lot of family fun, despite the fact I was super tired from driving up from Salt Lake where I saw the Iron and Wine and the Head and the Heart play (which was really great but I think my favorite part of the whole thing was eating chinese food with my roommate Jessica before hand and then driving home with my friend Shae)

We all ate together afterwards, which included this beautiful and tasty rainbow Jello! Yum! then the kids played on the slip and slide at Mom and Dad's and we worked on planting the garden...which is probably a lot later then if Dad was here but we are working on it and hopefully we can still harvest some delicious food!

Cassie I am super proud of you for making this great decision and not only for that but for making it a wonderful day and being super happy even though both sets of your grandparents, both of which you are very close to couldn't come, I love you Cassie thank you for your example of cheerfulness!

O and also on Sunday Heidi made a Rainbow Cake like this one! It was also Awesome and Delicious!