Sunday, April 10, 2011

Redneck Camping!

I joined up with my old roommate Claire for some camping despite the fact that it was raining slash snowing I went because she promised we wouldn't get wet....

and guess what we didn't! 

We (Claire, her roommate Kim, and me) are all in the back of the covered truck with a mattress in there. I slept so good and was toasty warm the whole night. Before bed we also enjoyed brats, chips, sunflower seeds including lessons on how to spit them from her older brother Canon: "you have to stack the shells then but them between your lips and spit, this prevents you from sounding like a machine gun," O ya and some highlights from a book on how to escape Zombies when the Zombie apocalypse comes... don't worry I'll help ya I am prepared now :)

Then for the ride home we just stayed back there in our sleeping bags! It was a great time!


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