Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Work, Work and more Work!

What a great feeling, I was riding my bike to go eat lunch after a couple hours of work and the thought in my head was:

Wow I can't believe they are paying me to do this! This is what I do in my free time for fun!

I feel so blessed, not just for this Job but the one I already have and love! I mean I have two jobs I really love and both of them I are giving me such valuable experience: designing, customer service, the secrets of business, marriage, photography, even how to wrap gifts with tissue paper! Hopefully I will still feel this way after two weeks of this 8 am to 6:30 - 7 pm of straight working, I think I will though, especially with a boss like Justin! For example there is this song Justin and I both love so the other day we were working on a bunch of stuff and Justin stops, tells me to look up the lyrics, turns it on his computer, plays along with his guitar and we both sing, awesome right o and here is the song then next time you can sing along too! 

Also this is why I think Justin is such a great photographer he provides all his clients and acquaintances with a unique fun experience, phenomenal pictures and a memory they will never forget! Check out his website here or his blog here! (PS the link for to wrap gifts is one of the 30 Strangers, and her blog is awesome... O man the pressure is on now for when we send her, her prints!)