Friday, April 29, 2011


These first ones are the eggs my roommate and I dyed with silk ties and onion skins with the help of Joe and Maddie. It was a blast but we stayed up till four dying 5 dozen eggs! ha ha some of them are hollow and you'll see what we did them on my birthday post!
(this first one is a tie one and the next one down is an onion skin one)

For Easter Sunday I went to Church with John and Karen and I helped John in the nursery! That was an adventure :)

(below) He looks like he is in a jcrew magazine or something!

Then we had dinner at Karen's parents, YUM! Then John had to work it off by throwing the kids in the air, pay attention to the grandparents faces in the background they were sure they were going to hit the ceiling!

Friday, April 22, 2011

ah ha I did it!

This is for you Heidi!
I cut my hair and she called me this morning wanting to see it so I took a picture as it was, and as I was...sleepy, I just woke up hence all the weird faces :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It is about time...

I need, k maybe just want a change! My hair is getting longish which is what I wanted but it is just looking thin to me and I want something fun summery, spunky and NEW! 

Number one is my favorite, four I am afraid looks mom-ish I am not ready for that. Dreads, three, is on my bucket list; two isn't really short but it looks like it and in reality I just want to look like five her red hair and freckles are amazing!

What do you think any ideas?

Wow! That was fun!

Can you guess where we were?

The color of the rock should be a dead give away, Southern Utah - mainly Moab and Hanksville area. 

I went to WinCo to say hi to Jedd, Katie and Shae and by time they had bought all their food they had me convinced. I packed with some help and in about 15 minutes I was nestled in the truck on my way for an adventure.

(from left to right) Shae repelling into Slydenyde, the Second canyon we did, dropping off the edge is always so scary especially on the first repel of the day; Katie taking pictures on Podash road, also called Wall Street, where we climbed and relaxed all of Thursday, took pictures and just enjoyed being photographers; Jedd going stemming in Slydenyde; Me climbing, I made it to the top of all (2) the routes I did, this is a great feat for me I used to be scared silly of climbing, I really enjoyed it though; Ian, or shall we say mom ha ha he always made sure we had enough food the whole time, and kept us all happy with his infectious grin; Cramer awestruck at how amazingly fun this trip was ;)

Don't worry there is more to come on Moab...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Redneck Camping!

I joined up with my old roommate Claire for some camping despite the fact that it was raining slash snowing I went because she promised we wouldn't get wet....

and guess what we didn't! 

We (Claire, her roommate Kim, and me) are all in the back of the covered truck with a mattress in there. I slept so good and was toasty warm the whole night. Before bed we also enjoyed brats, chips, sunflower seeds including lessons on how to spit them from her older brother Canon: "you have to stack the shells then but them between your lips and spit, this prevents you from sounding like a machine gun," O ya and some highlights from a book on how to escape Zombies when the Zombie apocalypse comes... don't worry I'll help ya I am prepared now :)

Then for the ride home we just stayed back there in our sleeping bags! It was a great time!


Score this design: "Glance Back," to help it get printed on Threadless!

Hey this is my Tee for Threadless! Go vote for it Please! :) it is for the film noir contest at least Check it out!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Logo Ideas!

Here is an idea I have for Jerry's new logo... What do you think? Any ideas?

Monday, April 4, 2011


Despite the 6 inches of snow on Sunday morning this weekend was great as General Conference weekend usually always is. Here is the run down...

First day of 30 Strangers
A tandem bike ride with Sterling.
Borsch and an old film noir movie, The Big Sleep, with Joe and Jessica.

Grilled PB&J's and Raspberry Streusel Coffee Cake with tons of friends for the morning session.
Changed a tire and unloading the Loader with my brother Jerry.
A Super talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks.
Bubbles and skipping down the road with a six year old for work... Awesome Job right!
Ice Cream Sundaes aka Frozen Yogurt with Jerry and Karen, got to keep up traditions!
A hug from my sister Heidi via Kristi! Thanks! :)
Lavish Birthday Bash 

Conference again!
Playing with my nieces and nephews and their cousins.
Dinner with the Stoddard's: a scrumptuous feast including Karen's grape salad, brussels sprouts, and banana nut cake YUM!
Fireside at the MTC by Vai Sikahema, former NFL star who played for BYU, St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Green Bay Packers and is now the Sports Director for NBC 10 in Philadelphia, and through that shares the gospel everyday over the news in the most creative ways! Listening to this devotional made me realize that the gospel can really be spread in any situation, in any career as long as we let that light shine and share it whenever someone is curious and whenever the time is right!
Ribs and Au gratin Potatoes with Matt and the Sikahema's

What Amazed me the most though was when I got up this morning Conference was already online ready for me to listen to! Technology is crazy and really an awesome tool we can use to share the gospel! 

Sorry hope I didn't bore you all to death...