Friday, April 29, 2011


These first ones are the eggs my roommate and I dyed with silk ties and onion skins with the help of Joe and Maddie. It was a blast but we stayed up till four dying 5 dozen eggs! ha ha some of them are hollow and you'll see what we did them on my birthday post!
(this first one is a tie one and the next one down is an onion skin one)

For Easter Sunday I went to Church with John and Karen and I helped John in the nursery! That was an adventure :)

(below) He looks like he is in a jcrew magazine or something!

Then we had dinner at Karen's parents, YUM! Then John had to work it off by throwing the kids in the air, pay attention to the grandparents faces in the background they were sure they were going to hit the ceiling!

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  1. cool eggs! looks fun for sure especially staying up till four :)