Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It is about time...

I need, k maybe just want a change! My hair is getting longish which is what I wanted but it is just looking thin to me and I want something fun summery, spunky and NEW! 

Number one is my favorite, four I am afraid looks mom-ish I am not ready for that. Dreads, three, is on my bucket list; two isn't really short but it looks like it and in reality I just want to look like five her red hair and freckles are amazing!

What do you think any ideas?


  1. Ohh... I'd join the red head and freckles rank with you. LOVE red heads.
    I like 1 and 2. You could work it well. But then again you work it all well. Good lucks!

  2. Okay, I don't like four. It grosses me out(she kinda look lesbian). And maybe 1 looks like a mom because what she is wearing. The red head is cute but dyeing hair scares the crape out of me and 3 reminds me of cookie before her bath and haircut. So in reality it makes me want to barf. I like 2 the best. I don't know if I have helped at all, but I hope it made you smile! Love ya Heidi

  3. haha. Heidi made ME smile ;). umm... I figured it out. If you cut your hair now, then you can have fun with it while I grow mine out, and then we will be ready for dreads at about the same time ;). perfect..... haha. I don't like 4 at all. 1 is the best, but I already know that you'll do it better and so it will look better anyways. i'm going to love it and you are going to make it hard for me to keep growing mine out ;).